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Co-design workshop: How to travel regeneratively? 2560 1707 Circonnact

Co-design workshop: How to travel regeneratively?

Traveling is natural. How can we travel in a way that is good for people, economy and environment? During this “Co-design workshop: How to travel regeneratively” on 21 September organized by Circonnact, sustainability and travel enthusiasts and experts will learn about the regenerative travel principles and solutions developed by the nature-inspired innovation project Wandering Gliders.…

Young architects embrace the circular economy 1920 1280 Circonnact

Young architects embrace the circular economy

Circonnact shares the view on circular economy in the building sector with the next generation of architects. Wonderland, a platform for European architecture, intends to integrate the circular mindset in architecture and invited Andreas for an interview. During the interview Andreas explains Circonnact’s thoughts on Circular Economy, explaining how he got to Circonnact and how…

Circular & Nature-inspired Travel 1920 1280 Circonnact

Circular & Nature-inspired Travel

Circonnact explores and develops solutions for circular and nature-inspired travel in the context of the Challenge “Circular and Nature-inspired Travel” at the European Biomimicry Design Challenge. How can we travel in a circular and regenerative way that is low-carbon? At the beginning of the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, Cironnact decided to look into nature…

The Circular Vienna Community kickstarts 1920 1278 Circonnact

The Circular Vienna Community kickstarts

Circonnact hosts the Circular Vienna Community where people meet, exchange ideas and collaborate to promote circularity in Vienna and beyond. The workshops and events of the Circular Economy Club Vienna to promote Vienna as a Circular City and gather key stakeholders have been a great success in the recent years. Vanessa and Andreas have been…

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